How to Cheat in Typing Speed Test (

  • Go to Typing Speed Test
  • View the Page Source. (Do not press ANY button, just right click)
  • Copy the part right after this:

    var pruefstring = '
    And before this:


  • Open Notepad.
  • Paste the text.

  • Select Edit > Replace...

  • Replace the slash:

    with nothing.

  • 'Select All' then 'Copy' the whole text.

  • Paste the text into the typing test and press SPACE immediately after that

  • Wait until the timer ends

  • That's all. You should get something like below.
Alternatively, you can use any auto-typer program and type into the typing test.


  1. It looks like they've changed the code, so your solution does not work any more. I've just tried to cheat a bit, you'll get some clues from this screenshot: (just type code in blue into the console, then set the focus on input field and keep pressing space)

  2. Hi, I have made a little JavaScript Hack that works fine. Check it out:


  3. cmon guys 10fastfinger is ment to inprove your writting not to just cheat for everything

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